Rastan trading company can supply naphtha for refineries and authentic commerce; the product can be delivered to all ports around the world.

Naphtha is a class of hydrocarbon liquid fuels with high volatility and inflammability which is placed between light gases (e.g. LPG) and kerosene at the distillation tower of crude oil. Much of the condensate gas from oil wells also consists of NAFTA. This liquid fuel can be also obtained from coal.


Naphtha has a variety of applications. Chemical and petrochemical industries are the main buyer of naphtha to use it as feedstock for petrochemical production, various products including solvents and thinner, raw materials for plastics, synthetic fibers and industrial alcohols. For instance, dyeing thinners are mostly made of Naphtha also most ethylene plastic compounds are produced using Naphtha [1]. by the way, Naphtha can be transformed to high-octane gasoline and other petroleum fuels by means of catalytic processes. This product is a very strong solvent with so many applications, e.g. production of detergents and refinement of other hydrocarbons. Naphtha can be used as fuel for heating and cooking (like LPG and kerosene).  It is a fundamental component of polish and Locke.